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    Online event!

    FINDE.U:  Virtual University International Job Fair

    Eures Portugal in cooperation with 4 universities from northern Portugal and Galicia (Spain).  –  Porto, Vigo, Utad and Católica (Porto) – and with EURES  Cross-border Galicia / North of Portugal.

    Target audience: senior students, graduates and alumni, not limited to these four universities, but from all over Portugal, Spain and other European countries.





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    Lissabon, Portugal

    Onsite event, exclusive jobevent for Flemish companies.

    In cooperation with IEFP, the Portugese vocational services and the Order of Engineers in Lissabon.

    On 19 June the event is open for the general public. 20 June is only for candidates with an appointment (own preselection).

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    Valencia, Spain

    Organised by Polytechnic University of Valencia in in cooperation with the Spanish vocational services of SEPE.

    For graduates Engineering and IT.

    Video of the job fair of last year can be seen here.

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    Nitra, Slovakia

    Jobexpo organised by Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family van Slowakije.

    For technical and lower technical profiles (CNC, CAD, ...)

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    Bilbao, Spain
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    Lisbon, Portugal

    Are you a professional in the Engineering or ICT field who is currently based in Portugal?

    Have you ever thought about Belgium, Flanders as a career destination?

    Flanders, one of the 3 regions of Belgium, is part of one of the most dynamic economic areas in Central Europe. Since the end of 2013 it has experienced a period of sustained growth but employers are facing shortages of qualified professionals in fields such as Engineering, ICT, Construction, Technology and Web Development.

    This an opportunity for you to meet and make contact with Flemish employers in the Engineering & ICT sectors and gain some more insight into living and working in Belgium in general and Flanders in particular.

    From the end of August, you’ll be able to take a look at companies participating in the event, screen through vacancies and apply for those which match your profile. There’s even a chance to perhaps book one or more recruitment interviews in advance. On the day itself - 18th October 2017 - you’ll be able to enjoy a programme of company presentations and workshops, either online or attending in person. These events will cover a wide range of issues which arise when moving to Flanders, Belgium.

    Participation is free of charge, but a limited number of places are available. The ONISTE event will take place in Lisbon (see more info on how to get to the venue).

    You have to register beforehand!

    Want to join?


    Come to work in Flanders… and enjoy it!

  • Lecce, Italy

    A special session will be devoted to "Work in Flanders" + Engineering and IT sector vacancies on the 9th of May 2017, with the opportunity to speak to individual candidates.

    The event will take place during the week running from 8th to 12th May 2017.

    • Seminar + info "Work in Flanders" from 12,00 to 14,00
    • Interviews + collection of cv + one-to-one meeting with candidates from Unisalento + engineers  (of the region) from 15,00 to 18,00


  • Madrid, Spain
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    Valencia, Spain