Stressing about your CV ? Europass might just be what you need! When it comes to finding a job in Flanders, you need to stand out. You need to get noticed. You need to make sure that employers understand what you have achieved and what skills and qualifications you possess.

The Europass CV is a good way to promote your skills, your qualifications and your experience to potential Flemish employers. The Europass CV is in a standardised format that is recognised – and used- throughout Europe and Flanders. Whatever job you are applying for, the Europass CV presents your skills and competences in a clear format. This format makes it easy for potential Flemish employers to understand what you are able to offer. It provides additional information to a normal CV and highlights your language skills in particular. Furthermore, it provides a structure on what information should be included in a comprehensive CV.

The Europass CV can be completed online and downloaded to your computer. Further information can be found here.