For Employers

Flanders is facing a labour shortage. That is why we spread your vacancy as widely as possible. Moreover, we also look across borders for suitable profiles. And we go quite far in this.

Can’t find any candidates for your vacancy in Belgium? Then together with our partners abroad, we look for suitable profiles abroad. We distribute your vacancies internationally, organise job fairs abroad or set up specific mobility projects.

Interested or more info?

17 & 18 May 2023 UPV Jobfair University of Valencia – Spain

  • Target group: highly skilled people
  • Onsite job fair at the Polytechnical University of Valencia, Spain’s leading technological university
    • Relevant Departements: Information and communication technologies, industry, agriculture, food, civil engineering and architecture, social sciences, mathematics
  • Employers represented by international team VDAB
  • Employers can participation (paid) – deadline inscription 9th March.
  • Link to the event

Pilot project: recruitment in Morocco and Tunisia – THAMM

February – June 2023

  • Target group: Technicians for industry and construction sector.
  • Employers can participate

Interested in our activities and events planned in autumn 2023, join one of our online breakfast sessions (in Dutch) on august the 24th or the 31th or in september on the 4 or the 7th. You can inscribe through this link!

Recruitment events are also planned for the autumn. A detailed communication of these will follow in June 2023. But the list below can already give you an idea of our plans. 

  • Work in Flanders – EOJD autumn (European online jobdate)
  • Job fair University of spain (Madrid)
  • Commercial job fair Romania (Cluj)
  • Commercial job fair Moldova 
  • Salo de l’occupacio in Spain
  • Virtual job fair Catalonia open university (online)
  • Io Lavoro Italy (Turin)
  • International Career Days Italy (Genoa)
  • Recrutement Days Portugal (Lisbon)