How to apply

Stressing about your CV ? 


A CV is no science and your entrance can be a very individual way to connect with companies and organisations. 

You can choose any form or standard as long as it meets a matching goal.

Make sure to check out the companies’ data and needs online to figure out in what culture and environment your future work will take place. Rather than seeking for cultural answers in Flanders, regarding employment you’d better invest in the companies’ background.

Try to embrace multiple social media and online platforms of your choice and make sure that all  information on your personality is professional and wise.

If you’d be interested in using the Dutch services, the VDAB platform is open to your subscription as a jobseeker and offers many services like visibility to employers, matching and job searching.

The Europass CV is a great tool to promote your skills, your qualifications and your experience to potential Flemish employers. It offers a easy to (re)use standardised format that is recognised throughout Europe and Flanders.