Public Employment Services

  • VDAB: for Flanders, official language: Dutch.
  • ACTIRIS: for the Brussels-Capital Region, official languages: Dutch and French
  • Le FOREM: for the Walloon Region, official language: French
  • ADG: for the German Community, official language: German

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Every region in Belgium has a public employment service. The VDAB is the public employment service of Flanders (official language: Dutch).

The VDAB was founded in 1989 in order to make the labour market in Flanders as transparent and dynamic as possible. With a view to reaching that goal, the VDAB offers employment services, training and career guidance.

What can the VDAB do for me?

Are you allowed to live and work in Belgium? In that case, the VDAB can help you in many ways.

Are you looking for a job in Flanders?

Our services:

  • Browse our selection of job offers for you.
  • On you will find thousands of job offers.
  • You can publish your CV on for employers to read it and contact you. If you understand Dutch, you can publish your CV yourself on the website. Attention: if you have no national number in Belgium, you can only publish your CV through ‘Dossiermanager’ (and not through ‘Your application space’).
  • You can also create a CV on, where Belgian employers can easily contact you with suitable vacancies. Would you like personal assistance in your search for a job? A consultant can offer you guidance.
  • For instance in order to brush up your Dutch or to learn a certain profession? That is possible. The VDAB offers many training courses.

    If you understand Dutch, you can have a look for yourself in the training data base. Or you can contact a VDAB consultant.